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We specialize in:

Non-immigrant Visas:

         Work Visas:   

H Temporary Worker. Can be professionals (H-1B), nurses (H-1C), agricultural workers (H-2A), temporary or seasonal workers (H-2B), or trainees (H-3)
L Intra-Company transferees (executive, managers, persons with proprietary knowledge)
E Treaty-Investors or Treaty-Traders (from the countries with whom the U.S. has a bilateral treaty)

Student Visas:

F Students Visas
M Language and vocational students
J Exchange visitors (educational exchange students, au pairs, graduate medical trainees, practical training students, professor and researchers, short-term scholars, camp counselors)

Visitor Visas:

B Business visitors (B-1) or tourists (B-2)

Other Visas:

O Extraordinary ability aliens
P Athletes, entertainment groups (such as orchestras) and support personnel
Q Cultural exchange visitors (example: Smithsonian Folklife Festival)
R Religious Workers
K Fiances and finacees; spouses of U.S. citizens married aboard
V Spouses and minor children of permanent residents who are waiting for green cards

Immigrant Visas:      

          Family Based:

Immediate Relatives Spouses of U.S. citizens, unmarried minor children of U.S. citizens, and parents of U.S. citizens
Marriage Marriage within and outside the United States.
Family Preference System Adult children (unmarried and married) and brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens, and spouses and unmarried children (minor and adult) of LPRs.

Employment Based:

EB-1 First Preference: Priority Workers (Outstanding researchers or professors, aliens with extraordinary ability, multinational executives and managers).
EB-2 Second Preference: Professionals with advanced degrees, and persons with exceptional ability.
EB-3 Third Preference: Skilled workers, professional and other workers.
EB-4 Fourth Preference: Certain special immigrants.
EB-5 Fifth Preference: Employment Creation (investor).

  Lottery Visas (Diversity Visas)

        Naturalization and Citizenship:      

N-400 Application for Naturalization.
N-600 Application for Certificate of Citizenship for child.

Contract Law:

Business Leases
Sale of Business
Sale of Goods or Services

Business Law:

Forming Corporations, LLC's
Corporate Organization
Corporate General Counsel

Non- contested Divorce:

Agreements(Pre-Nuptial and Post- Nuptial)


Other Services:

Foreign Law Consulting: Chinese Law, Finnish Law and European Union Law.
Notarization Services.
Translation Services:
  - Chinese, English, Swedish, Finnish,
    German, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian,

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